Oct 232015

Ma ei tea, kas asi on selles, et õhtu on nii hiline ja ma olen juba väsimusest sooda, aga ma lugesin ja naersin. Ja naersin veel.

Seriously, dude. It’s really not a good idea to mess with me. I’m FBI, a walking, talking death machine. You can’t hit me from fifteen feet with that popgun, but I can shoot the gold hoop out of your ear and call my mother at the same time while singing “Happy Birthday”.

Catherine Coulter “Power Play”, FBI Series #18

Tervitustega Marisele. Ma kahtlustan, et keegi teine selle seeriaga tuttav ei ole :)

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  1. Oih, ma ei teadnudki, et vahepeal juba jälle uus raamat… Vaatan kohe, mitu viimast mul lugemata on :).

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