Sep 162006

Muide, kõik testid on pärit siit.

You Are an Intense Kisser

When you kiss, it’s deep and powerful. You don’t take kissing lightly. Your kisses always have meaning. And they always make your head spin.
You Are a Super Flirt

You love to flirt, so much so that it gets you in trouble. In almost any situation, you find yourself flirting – even when it’s inappropriate. You tend to embrace all flirting styles too.. from coy to sexy to playful to serious. And if someone flirts back, you’ll crank it up even more!
You are a Great Girlfriend

When it comes to your guy, you’re very thoughtful. But you also haven’t stopped thinking of yourself. You’re the perfect blend of independent and caring. You’re a total catch – make sure your guy knows it too!
You Are Most Like Carrie!

You’re quirky, flirty, and every guy’s perfect first date. But can the guy in question live up to your romantic ideal? It’s tough for you to find the right match – you’re more than a little picky. Never fear… You’ve got a great group of friends and a great closet of clothes, no matter what! Romantic prediction: You’ll fall for someone this year… Totally different from any guy you’ve dated.
You Are Mostly Secure

In general, you feel confident and together. But the wrong thing can happen, and all of a sudden, you’re not feeling so secure. Luckily, your insecurities don’t last long… at least, not usually. So the next time you’re feeling insecure, try to snap out of it – and remember the confident woman you are!

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