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Your result for The House, MD Personality Test…

Dr. Robert Chase

55% Eccentricity, 40% Confidence, 35% Kindness

Congratulations, you’re Dr. Robert Chase! You’re quite the complicated person. While you may seem like a perfectly normal extremely attractive person, there is far more to you than meets the eye. It’s quite likely that you’ve had some unusual experiences in your life, whether it be something along the lines of a stint in seminary school or something along the lines of S&M parties. You are rather insecure, and will often do things you don’t want to do to win the good favors of others. While you may seem nice enough, getting ahead and doing what’s best for yourself is usually more important to you than much else in life.

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Muidu on üldiselt nii, et Chase meeldib mulle neist kõigist kõige vähem 😉 Ja päris NII ebakindel ma nüüd ka pole. Ma arvan 😀

juurest leidsin.

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